Emergency Service - New regulation of GOT since February 2020

Emergency service - new regulation of the GOT since February 2020, please get information here!

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A happy New Year!

After hopefully stress-free Christmas holidays with healthy horses, we wish all of our patients, horse owners, customers and riders a happy and successful New Year! Of course, our emergency service is also available at all times on New Year's Eve and New Year's. Please call us in case of an emergency under +49 - 8106 - 20 966.

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We took part!

  We participated in the 15th B2Run company run at the Olympia station in Munich!

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Cannon Bone Fracture of Foals


Here we would like to present a case of a few days old foal with a fracture of the cannon bone. We are happy that it now jumps over the paddock without any complaints in March 2018 aged 8 months old.

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 New Here!

Electrochemotherapy is used in skin tumors such as equine sarcoid, squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma. This is an antitumour therapy that can be used alone or in combination with surgical excision of the tumor.

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