Vacuum Therapy for Wound Care

 New Here!

Recently, we have successfully integrated vacuum therapy into our clinic for the treatment of critical wounds. Here, the wounds of our patients are supplied with the AVTIV.A.C therapy system, which has already been established for a long time in human medicine.

With the aid of granulation-promotion and partly antibacterially acting sponges, a vacuum of -125 mmHg is built directly on the wound. This vacuum draws fluid from the wound and thus promotes wound healing.


• Creates a milieu that promotes wound healing

• Promotes the blood flow (neoangiogenesis) and the formation of granulation tissue

• Reduces edema formation

• Pulls the edges of the wound together

• Removes infectious material and wound fluid

• More frequent association changes and possibly associated sedations

• Less manipulation on the horse - thus high tolerance

• Aailable as wound care under a plaster

• Is taken over by most insurance companies

• Reduction of seam dehiscence


• Severe bleeding

• Malignant tissue in the wound area












2012 Vacuum Therapy for Wound Care - Pferdeklinik Wolfesing.
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