Cannon Bone Fracture of Foals


Here we would like to present a case of a few days old foal with a fracture of the cannon bone. We are happy that it now jumps over the paddock without any complaints in March 2018 aged 8 months old.

   At the beginning of August 2017, just a few days old, the mother kicked the foal at the cannon bone while it was sleeping in the box. In the picture on the left you can see the broken bone very clearly.

  Here is a new x-ray right after the surgery. The fracture was reduced and fixed with a plate and 11 screws by Dr. Nils Adolphsen.

   In January 2018, the screws and the plate were taken out in another surgery and since removal of the staples, the young lady is finally allowed to be in the paddock.

   In March 2018 the positive healing process can be clearly seen. When the foal is fully grown, it has every chance to participate in sports.

2012 Cannon Bone Fracture of Foals - Pferdeklinik Wolfesing.
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